the lifeline technique

The LifeLine Technique®

What if you had a way to create quick, natural, and positive change in any area of your life? It’s possible with The LifeLine Technique®. It requires that you access the wisdom and presence of your mind. As we all know, the mind is our greatest tool to reach our greatest potential. Our greatest challenge is perception. In LifeLine®, we see the physical symptoms of the body and the stressful patterns of life as a meaningful dialogue. This is a Portal for Change. This is one of the keys and first steps for creating the positive changes you desire in your life.
The LifeLine Technique® is a way to access the subconscious programs of the mind so we can create sustainable change at the root of painful and stressful patterns. The LifeLine Technique® is the art and science for manifesting change in every aspect of your life. The LifeLine Technique uses the essence of a douzen different ancient and modern modalities, including Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Psychoneuroimmunology, etc. These techniques are combined into a sixteen-step process where, using Applied Kinesiology (muscle test) as an assessment tool to access your subconscious and reprogram the blocks that prevent you from experiencing optimum health, success and joy.
A Lifeline session takes between 45 minutes and 1.5h. It is the most powerful technique that I know of to create fast improvements in anxiety and depression. It processes trauma and emotional pain, and reprograms limiting beliefs and patterns. It leaves you feeling light, positive and enthusiastic about the future. Apart from visible effects, there is deep spiritual and emotional shifts that take place in the subconscious and guide you towards the manifestation of your vision and intention. I integrate the Lifeline Technique into most of my sessions and witness radical shifts in my clients within the first few sessions.

Thought Field Therapy

TFT is a sequential meridian-tapping technique, which involves tapping lightly on Chinese meridian points on face and body in a precise order, customized for the client. The relief of physical and emotional symptoms is often observed starting from the first few seconds of the treatment, and a complete treatment lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. It is a laser-sharp solution to resolving extreme situations such as panic attacks, fear, phobia, anxiety, depression, shock and PTSD.

the thought field therapy technique
It is often referred to as "emotional acupuncture", although it is as effective with physical ailments as with emotional issues. I often integrate TFT into the first few sessions when the emotional pain is very sharp. This brings quick relief so that the client can feel lighter, unburdened from persistent emotional rollercoaster. I also use TFT in cases of fears and phobias. It effectively reprograms your reaction to common stimuli such as heights, bridges, public speaking, snakes, spiders etc. It is also very effective to release resentment and anger. Since each treatment is very short, it is easily integrated into any session.

the lifeline technique

Bach Flower Remedies

During my holistic medicine studies, I have learned to blend Bach Flower Remedies, which is a complete system of physical and emotional healing. Dr Edward Bach had a deep-rooted knowledge that any ailment comes from the disaccord between our conscious and subconscious mind, the same basis the Lifeline technique is founded on. Dr. Bach created 39 remedies from flower essences to treat emotional states and soften some character traits, which have gentle but powerful effect in untangling the layers of emotional memories. I complement my sessions with a custom-made remedy for my clients to continue he healing process for a month after our session.

Transformational Coaching

I am a Certified Transformational Coach, and I can help you overcome relationship difficulties, come to terms with major life changes, manage addiction, eating disorders, and any other challenges that prevent them from living a fulfilling life. When coaching is used in combination with energy psychology techniques (Lifeline and TFT), you can achieve impressive and sometimes unexpectedly quick results overcoming anxiety, depression, trauma, fear or any emotional pain. Book your complementary call to learn more.

the lifeline technique