The Anxiety Solution

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other emotion that prevents you from living a full and fulfilling life, I want you to know that there is a solution!

What if I told you that it is possible to…
  • Release emotional pain within minutes
  • Find the root of your anxiety and worry
  • Transcend depression, trauma, and addiction
  • Let go of the past and forgive
  • Finally feel satisfaction, relief and inner peace.
  • Become crystal clear on your life’s purpose and how you are meant to impact the world

I use a highly effective combination of Energy Psychology techniques and Transformational Coaching so that you can experience fast relief of emotional pain and a radical shift in your personal growth.

I guide you through a potent process of accessing your subconscious limiting beliefs and old unprocessed memories using Applied Kinesiology (muscle test) and harmoniously transform them. Read more about the techniques that I use here...

Our work together will help you:

  • Feel FAST RELIEF and LIGHTNESS, so that you can improve the quality of your life and the restfulness of your sleep
  • Accelerate your healing and personnal growth by releasing trauma and grief
  • Be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD with compassion, where I create a safe space for you to express your deepest feelings

  • Create PEACE within yourself, and a harmonious flow of your relationships
  • Gain clarity of vision of the NOW so that you can consciously change and create your life according to YOUR INTENTION
  • Feel LASTING EFFECTS after sessions
  • Feel the ENTHUSIASM AND POSITIVITY return into your life!


From the first points that we tapped on my face, I immediately felt the calm infuse my body. The feelings of anger and sadness that I felt at the beginning of the session started melting away and leaving the space for the self-love that I never fully experienced. The treatment opened the door to allowing me to live my happiness fully and continuously, and not only by short spurts during my meditation practice. The effect of Lilia's session was not only durable but permanent, I felt that I have reached a higher level of wellbeing, and going back to the emotions I felt before the session was no longer possible. My whole family felt the difference in my energy for days after the session, even my children were behaving calmer and happier. The love I feel inside has grown exponentially. It is incredible that such a simple technique can be so powerful! Nothing that I have tried in the past can compare to the powerful transformation that Lilia offers in her sessions. She even taught me a sequence that I practice at home for other emotions that may arise. Thank you, Lilia!

Elisabeth, Chicago, IL

Sessions can be held in person and online, both are equally effective. A 2-hour initial consultation is advisable. I conduct sessions in English, French or Russian.