Love your body, embrace your life

Have you neglected your body for too long?

Has it been a while that you are telling yourself that it’s time to look more carefully into your nutrition?

You know that you could eat better but keep putting it off till you have time to do thorough research about the latest news in nutrition.

You may feel that your body is not in optimal shape. You may even start feeling some uncomfortable symptoms that are showing you that it’s time to wake up and take a stand for your health.

If this is where you are at, there is no time to lose.

Take action right now and your body will thank you very soon!

This is what you can achieve when we work together to turn your health around:
  • Reduce systemic inflammation in your body
  • Improve your digestion
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Feel lighter and more energized
  • Stabilize your mood and overcome brain fog

  • Reach your ideal weight
  • Have healthy glowing skin
  • Integrate new beneficial lifestyle habits
  • Reduce environmental toxin exposure
  • Conduct necessary lab testing

I am a Holistic Health Counselor with a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine. I have been studying the principles of holistic health for many years, and applying them at home with my husband and our three boys. I am constantly keeping myself up to date with the latest nutritional principles, holistic health theories and discoveries, so that you can benefit from my knowledge and focus on your own zone of genius.

I am here for you to create an ideal diet that suits your body’s needs, and considers your personal intolerances and metabolic body type. I will also guide you towards making new habits in your everyday life, at home, at work, and with your children.
After working together, you will walk out with:
  • Meal plans that suit the whole family
  • Exercise regimen that suits your goals, fitness level and preference

  • Supplement regimen according to your health goals
  • Detoxification protocol if needed or desired
  • Action plan to reduce your environmental toxins

In our follow up consultations, I fine-tune your supplement and exercise regimens according to your progress and wellbeing, and provide you with accountability to stay on track with new habits and changes.

Take a stand for your health and act before your body shows symptoms of disease and degeneration. I will gladly accompany you on your journey of learning how to best take care of your body and take control of your health.

Initial Consultation
90 minutes


Follow up consultation
30 minutes